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Episode 34: MARCHing into Women’s History Month with courage

Join us as we celebrate Women’s History Month! To kick-off this month-long series, we’ve nabbed three dynamic colleagues at Ryder E-commerce, currently leading and making great impact in the logistics space. Our host Caitlin Postel takes the helm solo, spearheading a rousing discussion on women leading in logistics. The group speaks to how they got

Episode 33: Ladies leading logistics: Breaking the glass ceiling

The Sippin’ & Shippin’ crew had the pleasure of talking with Joanne Marciano, COO of Greyson Clothiers, about her illustrious retail career. And what a ride it’s been! From her start in operations with JCPenney, to Talbots, The Gap and much more, she’s worn many hats. Now working on the warehouse logistics side, her experience

Episode 30: The value of brand loyalty programs (and how to build them)

This new year is all about retaining customers, and one way to do that is by showing your most loyal customers some extra love through a loyalty program. In this episode, the crew chats with Allison Spalding from Inveterate, Inc., talking all things loyalty, subscriptions and memberships. The differences between them all, the value they

Bonus episode: 2022 Recap, Holiday Special

Description: Alright, sippers! We’ve got a special episode for you.The entire crew shows some love to our past guests, listeners and each other, while recapping 2022. It’s been an exciting podcast year, filled with expert guests, engaging topics and rich content to push the needle forward in this shared e-commerce space. The team reflects on

Episode 29: Retention marketing: The key to sustainable growth

A brand’s answer to “Where Is My Order?!” can make or break the customer experience in e-commerce. So, what can merchants do to improve the post-purchase journey and eliminate friction? We sat down with Noah Rahimzadeh from Malomo to explore strategies that reduce customer churn, promote sustainable growth, and build lasting brand loyalty. Tune in

Episode 28: Inventory kills: A guide to optimal forecasting

Don’t let your e-commerce business succumb to death by inventory mismanagement! Join us as we talk with expert Jill Liliedahl, Global Director of Product Marketing at Inventory Planner, about the various strategies e-commerce brands can use for inventory control, optimal forecasting, and improving cash flow to keep that bottom line consistently in the black. Learn

Episode 27: BFCM and beyond: Key marketing strategies to break through the noise

Description: As we approach the heart of this year’s peak season, what can brands do to stand out from the competition during these difficult economic times? We talked with VP of Marketing, Elana Ostrega and Director of Partner Marketing, Tori Piccin at Clearco about creative marketing strategies to do just that. They give their industry

Episode 26: Customer success management 101: The value of relationships

Happy customers are the life source of thriving brands. But ‘customer success’ is so much more than just making customers happy. It means ensuring customers are getting their needs and expectations met at every level, including how you support and act on their behalf. We sat down with Leslie Karr, Director of Customer Success at