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In the world of 3PL logistics and supply chain management, 3PLs are among the biggest movers and shakers – and also the most invisible. Unique behind-the-scenes positioning gives 3PL logistics pros in-depth insights into the opportunities and challenges that retailers and digitally-native brands face in e-commerce. In an evolving industry landscape characterized by rapid technological advances and shifting online buying habits, the expertise of 3PL logistics workers goes far beyond simple fulfillment; they get a front-row seat to the decisions that lead to success – or failure.

Sippin’ & Shippin’ offers some of the best entrepreneur podcasts that unpack real life 3PL experiences. Our content is created to help both emerging and established entrepreneurs and brands to navigate the twists and turns of logistics management. Assisted by top industry insiders in casual conversation, we shed some light on all of the e-commerce and logistics areas that spark deliberation and debate: the do’s and don’ts, the best practices, the biggest industry trends, of most importantly of all, what motivates both brands and consumers to seek out only the best experiences.

Your Hosts

Brian Weinstein

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Brian Weinstein, host of Sippin and Shippin, entrepreneurs podcast

Raised in the 3PL world (just ask him and he’ll tell you that he got his start at age 11!), Brian has an extensive background in fulfillment operations including just enough IT knowledge to be dangerous. This makes him the perfect host for one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs–Sippin’ & Shippin’.

As a former 3PL logistics company owner, his entrepreneurial approach thrives on change and taking paths not yet traveled. He’ll be the first to tell you, one of the most rewarding aspects of his role is working closely with brands and companies to understand their challenges and help design the right solution to achieve their 3PL and e-commerce business goals. 

Brian was born and raised in New Jersey and is a proud alumni of Rutgers University, where he met his wife, a middle school Principal.  He has 2 children, a son, currently a junior at Indiana University, and daughter, a senior in high school. Self-described as lacking work-life balance (mostly out of love for what he does), when not working, enjoys working out, playing (shitty) golf, drinking good tequila and watching sports (a lifelong self-loathing Mets and Jets fan).


Director of Business Development

Caitlin Postel, 3PL logistics and entrepreneur podcast host

As a true sales hunter Caitlin lives for the chase…but also can’t help herself from chatting it up with some farmers along the way!! Joining in 2018, Caitlin came with a background of highly effective consultative selling and quickly picked up the ins and outs of the 3PL logistics world. From chasing brands up and down social media platforms to good old fashion cold calling she never hesitates to engage in meaningful conversations and act as the voice not only of the customer but of our logistics and e-commerce industry.

A team player and advocate for collaboration, Caitlin grew up in Soccer Town USA (Kearny, NJ) and played collegiate soccer at Saint Peter’s University. She is the dog-mom of two amazing Yorkie puppies (they are actually 12 and not puppies at all, but shhh!! don’t tell her that), loves grillin’ and chillin’ (only second to sippin’ and shippin’, of course), and enjoys the months that allow her to be beachside with her friends and family.