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Episode 5: The returns evolution, fulfilling the customer experience

It wasn’t all that long ago returns were considered something of a faux pas in retail. Today, hassle-free returns have morphed from a customer perk into a customer expectation. David Sobie, Co-Founder of Happy Returns, joins us to unpack why returns have become so integral to a merchant’s success and how to provide customers options

Bonus Episode: Post Brexit, part deux. Shipping into the EU

Last week we discussed shipping into the UK, but what about the EU? Is there a difference? Back by popular demand, Shaun King, of KINGS VAT LTD, joins us for a bonus episode to explain. We’ll cover the difference between B2B/B2C sales, VAT implications, cost of compliance, return drawbacks, and how this is affecting markets

Episode 4: How the F^*K do you ship into the UK post-Brexit!??!?

Its apparent the Brexit deal doesn’t translate into ‘business as usual’ for brands shipping across the pond. What are your options? What are the differences for B2B vs B2C shipments? Are there any products exempt from customs duties and VAT? Tax expert Shaun King, from Kings VAT LTD, breaks down everything you need to know

Intro Episode: Sippin’ & Shippin’? Who dis?

Welcome to our first episode! Sippin’ & Shippin’ helps brands, rising entrepreneurs, and future industry leaders by sharing valuable information about the industry and their peers as told by industry insiders and their peers themselves. Show Transcript Brian Weinstein: Welcome everybody to Sippin’ and Shippin’. I’m your host, Brian Weinstein. We’ll be kicking it here