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Episode 44: Blazing a trail in e-commerce, entrepreneurship, and beyond

On this episode of Sippin’ & Shippin’, we’re featuring the highly distinguished and award-winning NJ Falk, who is currently the managing partner of Athletic Propulsion Labs. NJ has indeed been blazing a trail in the e-commerce luxury brand and fashion circuit for quite some time now. Not only as a serial entrepreneur, but also as

Episode 43: What do brands do in the event of a parcel strike?

As the country and economy continues to recover from the structural and economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the e-commerce industry has finally started to level set and adjust to the new competitive landscape of hybrid businesses saturating the market.  The Sippin’ & Shippin’ crew talks all about it, as the e-commerce community prepares for

Episode 42: Disruptive conversations: A midyear look back

Description: We’re midway into 2023 and hosts Brian Weinstein and Caitlin Postel are taking a look back at the year so far.  We’ve had some incredible guests visit the podcast, who are disrupting e-commerce challenges and sharing their wins. Listen to how they are adapting nimbly and boldly through the ever-changing wave of consumer demands,

Episode 41: Partnerships: Unlocking the ecosystem

Description: In this episode, we talk about all things partnerships with our special guest and industry expert Marco De Paulis, Director E-commerce Partnerships at Ryder E-commerce. We break down this value-based concept and strategy that’s 100% customer-centric; built to bridge the gap between best-in-class partners and brands, to disrupt stagnant growth and unleash untapped sales

Episode 40: Personalization 2.0: Scaling with innovation

The art of custom design has drastically improved from the days of yesteryear thanks to the advancements of technology. The days of e-commerce brands having limited capabilities to provide unique, personalized solutions for customers at scale are over. In this episode with personalization expert Brian Tigner of Authentic Innovations, we dive into the latest technologies

Episode 39: Levelin’ up with automation

Description: From machines that build boxes to robots that can sort 1,000 packages per hour, automation is a game-changer for e-commerce brands. While it won’t solve all problems, it’ll certainly help optimize operations! But when does it make sense to invest? In our newest episode, we sat down with engineers Terry Neidiffer and Rob Schabinger

Episode 38: Elevating brands from JV to varsity

Description: On this episode, we hear from Chelsea Jones of Chelsea & Rachel Co, a professional problem solver in the world of e-commerce. Get the inside scoop from the master strategist and tech stack expert herself, on ways DTC brands can level up their business, keep growing and keep that revenue flowing. Chelsea breaks down

Episode 37: Season 3! The art of digitally transforming legacy brands

What does it mean to digitally transform a legacy brand? We learn the answer from a true master who has perfected the art of doing just that. Our very special guest Arthur Phidd, who is an award-winning and globally recognized innovator and visionary, and current CIO of REEDS Jewelers gives the crew and listeners a

Episode 36: Women’s History Month wrap-up: Fashionista turned CMO

We’re closing out Women’s History Month with Julia Perez, CMO of OWYN. We learn how she started her career with a true passion for fashion, attending school and interning in New York City. But, it was her introduction into marketing as a ‘Red Bull Girl’ where she found her calling. From there, she was motivated

Episode 35: From intra to entre: Insights from a VC boss lady

As we continue our month-long WHM series, the Sippin’ & Shippin’ crew chats it up with friend and tech legend Maia Benson, venture capitalist with Forum Ventures. She shares her story of how she got started in the tech industry, her transition from intrapreneur to entrepreneur, and where she is today. We hear her thoughts