episode 16: what the heck is happening at the ports? and where do we go from here?

Episode 16: What the heck is happening at the ports? And where do we go from here?

Congested terminals, vessels accumulating in ports, warehouses packed beyond capacity … supply chain deficiencies have always been present during peak season. But over the past few months, we’ve been exposed to more and more difficulties on the import side of the fulfillment process. This week we sat down with Bill Mongelluzzo, Senior Editor at the

episode 15: the microinfluencer movement and how it can help your brand

Episode 15: The micro-influencer movement and how it can help your brand

With customers looking for an authentic approach and genuine connection, having a micro-influencer marketing strategy can help drive growth and retention. But who are micro-influencers? We have good news – they may already love your brand. Brett Bernstein, Founder and CEO of Gatsby is here to talk about how you can find micro-influencers within your

episode 14: how to green your business one order at a time

Episode 14: How to green your business one order at a time

Today’s consumers want to make sustainable purchasing decisions – and they want merchants to help them do it. We’re talking to Dane Baker, Co-Founder and CEO of EcoCart, about how ecommerce brands can take the right steps to lessen their carbon footprint.

epsiode 13 - the evolution of headless commerce and what's coming next

Episode 13: The evolution of headless commerce (and what’s coming next)

Ecommerce is evolving so rapidly it’s hard for merchants to keep up. So, what do brands need to think about when venturing into the world of headless commerce? Todd Welling and Andrew Potkewitz from Overdose. are here to tell us all about the challenges and opportunities of decoupling the front end from your back end.

episode 11: peak is coming: do you have your boots o the ground?

Episode 11: Peak is coming. Do you have your boots on the ground?

Labor shortages have been an ongoing problem across industries during COVID-19, and logistics has been one of the hardest hit. So, what can businesses and 3PLs do to secure the seasonal labor they need to meet the demands of a busy peak? Mike Venditti, the VP, Western Region at Whiplash, has some answers.

episode 9 - how to use content to drive community in ecommerce

Episode 9: How to use content to drive community in ecommerce

Online shoppers are often flying solo through the purchasing process. So, how do you make sure that your brand is connecting with customers and building that repeat purchasing power? Habib Salo, CEO of the phenomenally successful cosmetics brand Young Nails, is here to talk about the importance of community-building in ecommerce.

episode 8 - finding your brand's voice in today's digital era

Episode 8: Finding your brand’s voice in today’s digital era

Roosterly founder, Irfan Jafrey, found out the hard way that the strategy of ‘if you built it, they’ll come’ simply doesn’t work in today’s business climate. In this episode, he explains how the humble sales funnel is the lifeblood of today’s digitally native brands.