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How Wildling Beauty uses Instagram as a one-stop-shop

With the rise of social media, customers are more in touch with their favorite brands than ever before.

From learning about new products, finding relevant content, and chatting with a brand representative through direct messaging, platforms like Instagram provide a combination of sales, customer experience, and marketing channels.

But… there’s more.

Over the past few years, Instagram launched a range of features called Instagram Shopping that allow brands to build their very own storefront within the platform.

This new set of capabilities gave online merchants the ability to utilize their social media profile as an all-in-one platform for shopping, customer service, reviews, product research, and more.

For digitally native brands, the Instagram shopping features have opened the door to social commerce, making it easily accessible for all.

We’re going to dive into the various ways that having a strategic presence on Instagram can boost sales, engagement, and trust from potential customers.

Plus, we’ll take a look at how up-and-coming health and beauty company Wildling is using the platform as a one-stop shop for product discovery and purchasing.

How Instagram can help ecommerce brands:

Streamline the browsing-to-purchase process

Utilizing social commerce presents an end-to-end shopping journey for your customers by meeting them right where they already are.

This means that, instead of sending customers to a different site completely, they can click on product tags to view more detailed information about the product they’re interested in. The product detail page features a description, shipping and returns data, reviews, and frequently asked questions.

The best part?

If your potential customers are already browsing your profile and interested in your products, the checkout call-to-action is conveniently located right at their fingertips once they’re ready to make a purchase.

Below, you can see how Wildling Beauty utilizes Instagram’s product detail feature to showcase their Empress Collection. While there’s plenty of details about the product, Wildling goes beyond with an additional “Need more info?” CTA encouraging customers to reach out with questions.

Curates relevant content for prospective customers

Perhaps the most important aspect of social commerce is product discovery and expanding your brand’s reach.

While many customers are still searching for products via Google, studies are finding that social media is playing an increasingly large role, with 70% of shoppers now exploring Instagram when searching for products.

So, how can brands increase their chances of connecting with potential customers?

Highlights and Reels. The Highlight and Reel features on Instagram are a perfect way to curate content that potential customers can find. From customer results to how-to videos, visitors can easily develop a deeper understanding of the product.

Influencer Marketing. 38% of digital consumers rely on influencer reviews before purchasing products. This means having your ecommerce brand set up on Instagram makes your product more discoverable, as your brand and products can be easily tagged by social media influencers.

Wildling Beauty uses Reels to showcase 5 ways to use their top-rated product and Highlights to spotlight customer testimonials, from both micro-influencers and more widely-known influencers in the beauty space.

Customer Service. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – for digital brands, customer experience is everything. Potential customers want to know that they’ll be given attention and support when they invest in your product.

A perfect way to showcase this support is by replying to questions and reviews on your social media pages. Did you know that 71% of customers who’ve had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to their network?

This highlights just how much being responsive increases brand loyalty and attracts new customers.

So, why is all this important?

While the age of social commerce is just beginning, the customer’s desire for a seamless buying experience has always been present.

For online merchants to succeed, it’s essential to utilize the latest features and tools that social media platforms provide as a way to connect with potential customers and streamline their buying journey.

So, what’s next?

With the success of Instagram’s shopping features, there’s no telling what may be in store for digitally native brands.

What we do know is that developing a social media presence and exploring various social commerce features can help position your brand as a verified digital storefront that customers feel confident buying from.

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