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The return peak is coming: How to manage returns effectively in the new year

[This is an updated post from December 8th, 2021] 2023 is right around the corner – and that means the post-holiday season return peak is almost here. While no e-commerce brand wants to experience an increase in customer returns, a bump in return requests is a perfectly normal as a result of increased sales during

5 peak season challenges ecommerce brands face in 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner – the holiday peak season. Somehow, this time of increased buying activity seems to be creeping up on us earlier and earlier each year – and that’s no coincidence. With sales now beginning prior to Black Friday and continuing through the New Year, the ‘peak’ is becoming a more spread-out – and more intense.

Building an e-commerce brand? Here’s what you need to know

E-commerce. It’s been more of a buzzword in the past few years than ever before.  Why? We’re extremely comfortable being online. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a “new normal” of virtual workplaces, Zoom gatherings – and of course, online shopping.  While online shopping has always been an option for consumers in this tech-forward age,

An ecommerce brand’s guide to shipping internationally (and 3 myths, busted)

International shipping. For many brands, this subject can bring forth a visceral reaction. Maybe a cringe, an eye roll, or even a shudder… Why? Shipping internationally is a huge undertaking for brands, not to mention how costly it can become for both themselves and their customers.  But, what if we told you it doesn’t have

3 ways to overcome holiday parcel challenges

We’re not done talking about the holiday peak just yet! The topic this time around? Parcel. With the holiday season soon to come to an end, this increase in delivery demands means that it’s all hands on deck for online merchants and parcel carriers through to the New Year.

From returns to revenue: How to optimize your returns process

It’s an open secret that retailers really dislike returns. Returns represent lost revenue, dead stock, and even fraudulent behavior – none of which are helpful to your business. But is this true in practice? Are returns really as harmful as they appear to be? When we start looking into the impact of returns, there are plenty of scary stats out there.

How to choose a shipping carrier

If you’re a fledgling ecommerce business, choosing the right shipping carrier for your needs is a top priority. Without a carrier, you have no way of getting those orders out the door. While it’s tempting to pick a familiar carrier like USPS or FedEx, you could literally be leaving money on the ground in the form of missed cost savings.