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Episode 13: The evolution of headless commerce (and what’s coming next)

Ecommerce is evolving so rapidly it’s hard for merchants to keep up. So, what do brands need to think about when venturing into the world of headless commerce? Todd Welling and Andrew Potkewitz from Overdose. are here to tell us all about the challenges and opportunities of decoupling the front end from your back end.

08:00: Keeping pace for rapid technology changes

09:45: The evolution of traditional ecommerce

18:45: What exactly is headless commerce?

26:30: The Rise of FAS

28:15: The challenges and opportunities of FAS

36:20: Removing the chokepoints

43:00: The answer: Composable commerce

47:00: Should brands consider evolving into composable commerce?

53:55: What you need to consider for a seamless shift to headless commerce

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