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Episode 18: Welcome to season 2 of Sippin’ & Shippin’

Sippin' & Shippin'
Sippin' & Shippin'
Episode 18: Welcome to season 2 of Sippin' & Shippin'

Mary Berko | July 8th, 2022

How can brands stand out from the crowd and deliver the best customer experience? What does proper peak season planning look like? In a post-pandemic world, where does the retail channel come into play? What does the Ryder acquisition mean for the logistics marketplace at large? In the first episode of season 2, we’ll dive deep into these questions, recap season 1, and talk about what lies ahead for the next half of the year.

03:00: Revisiting all things parcel and peak planning.
08:52: The value of building a community around your brand.
11:30: Staying in pace with the evolving industry and selling channels.
14:16: Finding your audience’s niche products and values.
16:00: Choosing the right selling channels – is retail making a comeback?
17:42: The returns revolution: to create friction or not to create friction?
21:23: Exploring the Ryder/Whiplash acquisition – what does it mean?

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