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Episode 17: The most wonderful time of the year…will holiday parcel make it to your doorstep?

Ah, it’s the holiday season! Along with colder days, warmer drinks, and a festive buzz in the air, this busy time of year comes with an increased demand in deliveries. What does this mean for ecommerce brands? A focus on parcel is the key to a successful customer experience. We sat down with Sean Kim, VP of Customer Experience & Global Parcel Strategy at Whiplash, for a look into carrier challenges, merchant do’s & don’ts, shipping strategies, and more this holiday season.

01:48: Do ecommerce brands have a right to be nervous?

05:09: What does an increase of D2C deliveries mean for carriers and brands?

06:57: Navigating the planning process with carriers

08:25: Don’t do it! Why you should avoid last-minute panic moves

09:55: What will carrier challenges look like this year?

11:48: Say something! Why communication matters

14:36: Avoiding finger-pointing and finding collaborative solutions

16:47: Advice for consumers: buy early and look out for porch piracy

20:26: Ground shipping vs. air shipping – when it’s necessary to make the switch

26:18: Onward! What will holiday supply chain look like in 2022?

You can learn more about holiday shipping deadlines here:

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