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Episode 15: The micro-influencer movement and how it can help your brand

With customers looking for an authentic approach and genuine connection, having a micro-influencer marketing strategy can help drive growth and retention. But who are micro-influencers? We have good news – they may already love your brand. Brett Bernstein, Founder and CEO of Gatsby is here to talk about how you can find micro-influencers within your customer community.

00:53: Gatsby and the importance of developing an influencer marketing strategy

03:58: What is a micro-influencer and how can they help your ecommerce brand?

09:35: Leveraging your community of customers as micro-influencers

11:38: Engaging micro-influencers within your customer base

18:08: Measuring the success of your influencer marketing strategy

19:50: The more the merrier – the power of community and connection

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