An ecommerce brand’s guide to shipping internationally (and 3 myths, busted)

International shipping. For many brands, this subject can bring forth a visceral reaction. Maybe a cringe, an eye roll, or even a shudder… Why? Shipping internationally is a huge undertaking for brands, not to mention how costly it can become for both themselves and their customers.  But, what if we told you it doesn’t have

Sippin’ & Shippin’ is back! Tune into Season 2

Alright, everyone…  Welcome to Season Two of Sippin’ & Shippin’! We’re back and we’re better than ever.  It’s been a while, huh? A lot has happened since last season!  To start, we’ve seen an even greater shift in the e-commerce fulfillment landscape.  Brick and mortar stores are finally welcoming in-person shoppers once again, while digitally-native