Episode 7: The A to Z of launching a D2C brand

The direct to consumer marketplace has never been more competitive. So, what separates the brands that succeed from those that don’t? We speak (and drink) with Founder & CEO of Brunt Workwear, Eric Girouard, about how he built a thriving online brand just seven months after launching.

Episode 6: Finding relevancy in post-pandemic retail

Should direct-to-consumer brands bother with brick and mortar in the age of ecommerce? That’s what we’re here to discuss with Yohan Jacob from Retailbound. Because while the retail landscape may be tough right now, there are some huge opportunities for retailers who are willing to adapt.

Bonus Episode: Post Brexit, part deux. Shipping into the EU

Last week we discussed shipping into the UK, but what about the EU? Is there a difference? Back by popular demand, Shaun King, of KINGS VAT LTD, joins us for a bonus episode to explain. We’ll cover the difference between B2B/B2C sales, VAT implications, cost of compliance, return drawbacks, and how this is affecting markets across the pond.