Top hacks for launching a successful D2C brand in 2021

So, you want to launch your very own D2C brand. You’ve heard all about how to look for the right suppliers, partnering with 3PLs, and setting up an online store. But these steps should come far, far later in the process of setting up your business. Right now, you should focus on building the foundations of a strong brand. Yet this is often the phase that sets many D2Cs up to fail before they’ve even gotten started.

Episode 7: The A to Z of launching a D2C brand

The direct to consumer marketplace has never been more competitive. So, what separates the brands that succeed from those that don’t? We speak (and drink) with Founder & CEO of Brunt Workwear, Eric Girouard, about how he built a thriving online brand just seven months after launching.

Business Intelligence and ecommerce: A ‘dynamic duo’

Business Intelligence. It’s a weighty phrase. And to the uninitiated, it sounds like classic corporate speak. But Business Intelligence has fast become one of the most valuable tools for ecommerce merchants. We all understand why data analytics are key to running a successful online store, but not necessarily how to utilize these insights to inform key business decisions.

The Amazonization of retail: What does this mean for merchants?

It’s no secret that Amazon is the retail industry’s number one influencer. Ever since it first entered the fledgling ecommerce marketplace, Amazon has totally reshaped consumer expectations for the online shopping experience. Whenever Amazon introduces a new service offering, whether it be two-day shipping or order tracking, it quickly becomes industry standard.