3 ecommerce marketing strategies to try in the new year

New year, new you? It may sound cliché, but that age-old new year resolution provides a massive launchpad for business growth. The start of the New Year is a wonderful time for brands. Why? Because a new start (and a fresh budget!) brings forth the opportunity to explore different content, campaigns, and more.

Who are micro-influencers and how can they help your brand?

Have you ever heard of phrases like “TikTok made me buy it,” or “Found it on Amazon”? When paired with a social media platform, these 4-5 words can boost a brand’s sales and attract new customers. How? The power of influence. More specifically, the power of social media influencers.

3 ways to overcome holiday parcel challenges

We’re not done talking about the holiday peak just yet! The topic this time around? Parcel. With the holiday season soon to come to an end, this increase in delivery demands means that it’s all hands on deck for online merchants and parcel carriers through to the New Year.

How to provide stellar customer support as an online merchant

Whether you’re an online merchant or a digital buyer looking for new attire, the term ‘customer experience’ (CX) is bound to have made its way into your vocabulary. The experience that a brand offers is one of the most influential factors when consumers are making purchases. But, what is customer experience?

3 reasons why customers are abandoning their carts (and how to fix them)

2022 is just around the corner, and it’s safe to say that shopping online is here to stay. Why? Because consumers en-masse have discovered the one-click-from-the-couch ease of an online purchase. Although the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders of 2020 are behind us for now, social distancing requirements are still in effect and consumers are constantly searching for new ways to shop without having to leave home.

How to leverage social media for brand awareness, deals, and more

Have you ever swiped through Instagram stories of friends, family, and celebrities – when a perfectly designed product video suddenly sneaks into the rotation? One simple tap and you can find yourself on a brand’s profile browsing offerings, learning more about the brand’s culture, and even making purchases directly via the app.

The return peak is coming: How to manage returns effectively in the new year

2022 is right around the corner – and that means the return peak is almost here. It may sound daunting, but a bump in returns is a perfectly normal result of increased sales over the holidays. Ecommerce sales are expected to reach over $210 billion this holiday season. With consumers buying for friends, families, co-workers and more, it’s no surprise that not every gift is the perfect purchase.

The 4 biggest challenges of peak season ecommerce (and how to handle them)

The most wonderful time of the year is right around the corner – the holiday peak season. Somehow, this time of increased buying activity seems to be creeping up on us earlier and earlier each year – and that’s no coincidence. With sales now beginning prior to Black Friday and continuing through the New Year, the ‘peak’ is becoming a more spread-out – and more intense.